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Frequently Asked Questions about CMU Cares

    When you are concerned about a student, we encourage you to speak directly with the student about the fact that you are concerned about the student and are going to submit a CARES Report. We understand this is not always possible. In instances when you would like to keep the fact that you submitted a CARES Report confidential, please indicate this in the CARES Report. It is important to note, however, that confidentiality cannot be kept at all times and students may realize that you submitted a report through less-direct ways (i.e., details related to that incident, information only shared by the student with one person on campus).

    When a report is submitted the Care Team decides upon the most appropriate person to reach out to a student of concern. This can often be accomplished without mentioning the details of the Cares Report, itself. Sometimes a student will be asked to meet directly with the Care Team Coordinator or another member of the Care Team. The student often knows why this meeting has been requested without needing to share details of the CARES Report.

    Students with significant academic difficulties and/or behavioral health concerns that result in disruptive behavior or cause one to be very worried about a student’s wellbeing are most often reported to the Care Team. Reports are made regularly, with an increase in reports made at the mid-term and conclusion of the semester. More and more reports are being made that assist our ability to recognize students heading toward crisis and intervene before problems become insurmountable.

    Upon pressing “submit” you will be redirected to a page thanking you for your submission. If you do not receive this message, please contact the Care Team Coordinator to report the problem. In certain circumstances, you may be contacted to provide additional information about your report. If you are not contacted, and you have received the submission message, rest assured that your report is being reviewed and acted upon. If you would like an update on the student for which you submitted a Care Report, please contact the Care Team Coordinator at 989-774-2273 (CARES Line).

    Yes. Care Reports can be submitted for any student (graduate or undergraduate) at CMU. The Care Team Coordinator reviews and responds as appropriate to the situation to all graduate student Care Reports.

    Are the Cares Team emails legit or are they spam?

    One of the primary ways in which the Care Team will reach out to you is via your CMU email account.  Below is an example of the type of email you may receive. Some people have asked if these emails are legitimate. They are. In some cases, you will be asked to click a link to see your letter. The link in your letter will look similar to the one below. This is just a security measure, so we can verify that the correct person is accessing your letter. The link takes you to the CMU login Page (You should recognize it). You will be asked to enter your global ID and password just like you would any other secure CMU website.

    CMU Cares email example