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Executive Functioning

These apps and websites will help you with planning, self-monitoring, time management, focus, organization, and study skills within your academics.

Assignment Planner

  • Enter the date you’ll start an assignment, the date it's due and the type of assignment that it is.
  • The site will then generate a schedule of interim due dates for each activity in order to finish the project or paper on time!
  • You can search online for "assignment planners" to find others you may like better.

Compatibility: Browser based

Setup information: Assignment Planner

  • To-do list app
  • The app is able to sync your tasks to Gmail through mobile device, computer, or Chrome extension.
  • The app offers a reminder feature to help with what needs to be done or about where you need to be.

Compatibility: iOS, Mac, Android, Chrome Extension, Windows

Setup information:

iStudiez Pro

  • Stay organized and on top of all your schoolwork and your schedule.
  • Features a built-in planner, reminders, and alerts.
  • Can be used on computer, phone, and tablet with the ability to sync to all devices.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Setup information: iStudiez Pro


  • Virtual planner to track your homework, tests, projects, and lessons.
  • Set and receive reminders when assignments are due or tests are coming up.
  • Set up your class schedule within the app.
  • Sync your information with any of the available devices.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Chrome Extension, iOS, Android, Kindle

Setup information: myHomework


  • All-in-one to-do list with tasks, notifications, prioritization, reminders, notes, and filters.
  • Access tasks from anywhere and collaborate on shared tasks.
  • Streamlined, intuitive design makes it easy to use.
  • Templates are available to get you started.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Online Resource, iOS, Android

Setup information: Todoist


  • Organizational tool used to help manage to-do lists, collaborate on projects, take notes, write papers, and more.
  • Multiple layout options to help you organize your work.
  • Sync between phone, tablet, and computer.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Setup information: Workflowy

Remember the Milk

  • Never forget the milk, or any other task using this task/to-do list.
  • Organize your tasks with priorities, sub-tasks, due dates, time estimates, tags, repeating tasks, and more.
  • Sync tasks on multiple devices and calendars, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.
  • Get email, text or Instant Message Reminders to yourself using their website reminder feature.

Compatibility: Online Resource, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac

Setup information: Remember the Milk

Focus Keeper

  • Focus timer with built-in short breaks and long breaks.
  • The default timer settings are 25 minutes for focus, 5 minutes for a short break, and 30 minutes for a long break, but you can customize it in the app.
  • Sign in to track progress or usage over time.

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Online Resource

Setup information: Focus Keeper

Time Timer

  • Visual timer great for people of any age.
  • Visually structure your time or break time into segments.
  • Easy to use app interface with visual or physical timer options.
  • Time seconds, minutes or hours.

Compatibility: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Setup information: Time Timer