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Building Access

During the transitional period, some facilities will continue to function with traditional mechanical locking devices, while others will be managed with electronic access controls. The use of electronic door controls will allow CMU to improve day-to-day campus safety, maintain access for the CMU community and the public, and more efficiently respond to emergencies on campus.

  • Selected doors will have card readers to facilitate extended-hours access for CMU students, faculty, and staff during designated hours.
  • Doors marked as "enter" will be unlocked during the building's designated hours.
  • Doors marked as "exits" will always be locked from the exterior of the building.
  • All doors can always be used to exit a building.

Program launch info

CMU will launch this program on Monday, August 7th, 2023. Door schedules and access will be electronically managed and implemented at this time.

At the program launch Pearce Hall, Anspach Hall, Dow Science Building, and Park Library will be active. CMU is actively working to complete upgrades to Health Professions/CMED, Education and Human Services, Moore Hall, Music Building, Wightman Hall/North Art Studio, and Grawn Hall during the 2023/2024 academic year. Additional buildings will be completed as funding becomes available.


All CMU students, faculty, and staff are issued a university ID “CentralCard” which may be either a physical or mobile credential.  CMU will utilize the CentralCard as a standard credential for door access on campus. All physical CentralCards issued since 2011 are compatible. Community members with older cards may obtain replacement credentials from the CentralCard office in the Bovee University Center during business hours. Mobile credentials may be obtained 24/7 using the “Transact eAccounts” app on a supported mobile device. Once your Central Mobile ID has been provisioned, please allow up to 30 minutes for door access to be activated. 

Visit the CentralCard Office for additional details. 

General building hours

Doors labeled as “Enter” will be unlocked during the following times.

  • Academic buildings: Monday-Friday - 7am-8pm, Saturday/Sunday - card access only
  • Public buildings

Extended-hours access

CMU students, faculty, and staff have extended-hours access to CMU facilities by using their CentralCard at selected doors with card readers.

  • Academic buildings: Students 6am-11pm, Faculty/Staff 24/7
  • Public buildings

Changes to facility scheduling

The CMU Police Department will manage all electronic door scheduling on campus. Building coordinators and other designated staff may submit a request to extend general building hours to support events and other functions using the request form. Scheduled events on campus must be coordinated through University Events who will submit a schedule change as required for the event. Requests are to be submitted through building coordinators 1 week before the requested schedule change.

Special access

An automated role-based access level is the preferred method to grant access to CMU facilities. Access-level exceptions that cannot be handled with role-based permissions will be the responsibility of the building coordinator/key coordinator. CMU OIT will train the building coordinator/key coordinator in this function.

Emergency response

Upon confirmation of a dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of the campus, CMU will issue an emergency notification through the Central Alert system. If appropriate for the emergency, CMU Police Dispatch will also activate a “secure mode” override to electronically controlled exterior doors. Secure mode will change the state of doors from unlocked to secure.


CMU Police: 989-774-3081 (facility scheduling/access issues, after-hours questions)

CentralCard Office: 989-774-3484 (CentralCard issues)

CMU OIT Help Desk: 989-774-3662 (Transact app technical support)