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StormReady University

In 2009, Central Michigan University became StormReady compliant, as designated by the National Weather Service. CMU became the third university in the state (and one of less than 50 in the nation) to complete the program. Based on an average population of 23,000 (including on‐campus housing, local enrollment, and faculty/staff), CMU was able to meet the six criteria levels of StormReady.  We are re-evaluated every three years, and we continue to meet the requirements listed below:

1. The CMU Police Department is able to maintain operations during a severe weather event, working with on-and-off campus resources.

2. CMUPD is able to receive real-time and future weather information from multiple, technology-rich sources.

3. CMUPD maintains local weather monitoring equipment on-site. Our local weather conditions are reported to two sources, and can be accessed online:

4. Once information is received, the CMU Police Department is able to disseminate warnings to the campus community using multiple methods. We are able to notify many people in a timely fashion through applications which alert through phone calls, text messages, emails, and indoor and outdoor speaker systems.

5. The CMU Police Department works in conjunction with other departments to ensure the campus community is aware of severe weather risks and safety. The Environmental Health and Safety​ Department conducts various training opportunities year‐round; available to faculty, staff and students.

6. CMUPD and EH&S have policies in place for many activities related to severe weather. These include emergency notifications, contact with the National Weather Service, seeking assistance from other agencies, spotter activation, and crisis response. The CMU Police Department also has personnel who are trained in spotting and reporting severe weather, often at its early onset.

The safety and security of CMU students, faculty, staff, and visitors is our goal. If you have any questions or comments regarding our severe weather plans or our participation in the StormReady program, please contact Lieutenant Cameron Wassman.

Read for more information regarding the National Weather Service's StormReady program.