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Emergency Communications

We are committed to keeping the campus and surrounding community informed during emergencies and situations that might disrupt normal operations. CMU Emergency Management works with other university partners to ensure that the right people are notified at the right time in times of emergencies, disasters, and crises. 

Our Emergency Communications Plan provides guidelines for communicating within the university and from the university to the media and the public in the event of an emergency.  

No single system or communication channel will enable the university to fully warn and update everyone in a timely manner. Thus, it is imperative to use multiple channels to broadcast warning messages to as many CMU students, faculty, staff, and visitors as possible. These are among the ways information is communicated.


If an emergency occurs that may delay operations or close the university, all students, faculty and staff will be notified via email to their CMU email address.

Central Alert messages

CMU's emergency management team will utilize Central Alert, the university's emergency notification system, to provide timely information to users by phone, email and/or text message. Visit the Central Alert registration page to ensure you receive emergency notifications.

Website banner

If the Central Alert system is activated, a red banner is posted at the top of the CMU homepage and dozens of other pages to alert the campus community.

Social media

The university will utilize its social media channels — primarily Facebook and Twitter — to inform followers of emergency situations.