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Benefit Status Changes

Employees can make certain benefit coverage changes during the plan year if they experience a qualifying status change event and a completed status change form is received in the Benefits and Wellness office within 30 calendar days of the event.  Failure to meet these requirements will prevent employees from enrolling eligible dependents in benefit coverages and/or changing certain benefit elections for the remainder of the benefit plan year.

Call (989) 774-3661 as soon as possible if you have any questions about your benefits when a status change occurs.  Status change forms can be returned to:  Benefits and Wellness office, Rowe Hall 108, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859, e-mailed to or faxed to (989) 774-1058.

Prospective Election Changes

Change in coverage due to a status change will generally be effective as of the first payroll period following receipt of the status change form, provided the form is received within 30 calendar days of the event.

If the qualifying event is a birth, adoption or placement of adoption of an eligible child, then the change in coverage will be retroactively effective to the date of the birth, adoption or placement of adoption, provided the completed status change form is received within 30 calendar days of the event.

Employment Related Status Change Information

A change in individual circumstance and plan eligibility may qualify as a Status Event.  These events include a switch between part-time and full-time work, return from an unpaid leave of absence, or a change in employee group resulting in a different benefit package.  For more information on these events including the changes allowed, please see the Status Change Matrix.