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For Supervisors

Supervisors: What do I need to do if my employee has requested a leave of absence?

  • Utilize the  FML Eligibility Checklist to determine if your employee's leave of absence qualifies for FMLA. This is just a resource and not a required form.  If your employee is requesting Military Leave under the FMLA, please contact Human Resources at (989) 774-2010 before proceeding with the Eligibility & Leave Notification.
  • If your employee's need for leave qualifies under FMLA, complete the  Notice of Eligibility - Rights & Responsibilities (whether they are eligible for FMLA or not) within five (5) business days of being notified your employee needs leave.  If they are not eligible for FMLA, a non-FML Medical Leave of Absence may be approved.
  • Email the completed Eligibility & Leave Notification to your employee.  If they are eligible for FMLA,  attach the appropriate medical certification (Medical Certification – EmployeeMedical Certification – Family Member, Note: Must be opened in Adobe Acrobat to be viewed). Please cc: Human Resources ( For a non-FML Medical Leave, employees may submit FMLA certification forms or a doctor's statement indicating the diagnosis and expected length of disability.
  • Once your employee's leave has commenced, record FMLA for each day of your employee's absence.  If the leave is not FML, only the appropriate leave time should be recorded.
  • On or before your employee's first day back, you must ask them to present a return to work release, indicating restrictions, if any.  If there are restrictions, you must evaluate whether you are able to accommodate the restrictions.  Please forward the return to work release to Human Resources ( with confirmation that the restrictions can be accommodated, if applicable. If your employee does not present a return to work release, you should not permit them to return.

**If you receive the medical certification, please fax to Human Resources at (989) 774-3256 or email to and destroy your copy.

For all other Leave of Absence requests, please contact Human Resources at (989) 774-2010.