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Guidance on Additional Paid Leave

The 2023 year-end holiday closure is scheduled from 5:00 p.m. Thursday 12/21/2023-8:00 a.m. Tuesday 1/2/2024. The president approves four additional paid leave days for staff, 12-month faculty and post­docs. This is intended to provide flexibility to take a longer paid break at year-end (or a time more suitable for departmental operations).

For reference, the year-end closure can be found on our Holidays page.

  1. To be eligible for the additional paid leave days, employees must be hired before December 1st.
  2. The additional paid leave days may be utilized between Monday, November 20th through Sunday, March 10th.
  3. The additional paid leave days are to be used as "whole days" for the regular work schedule of the employee (if the normal shift is 8 hours, the employee will receive an 8-hour paid day; if the normal shift is 4 hours, the employee will receive a 4-hour paid day, etc.).
  4. The additional paid leave days must be approved in advance. Supervisors shall not unreasonably deny the employee's request of additional paid leave days.
  5. Employees will not receive a cash payout for any unused additional paid leave days and any unused additional paid leave days do not accrue.
  6. As with past additional paid leave days, it is recommended the time should be tracked between the employee and the supervisor outside the TimeClock Plus system.
  • SM employees are considered "positive" employees for payroll purposes and must record the time as "Paid Absence" to be paid for the time off.
  • Employees already scheduled for a paid day off during this time period may, with supervisor approval, remove the recorded time from TimeClock Plus to utilize an additional paid leave day.