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Proactive, Responsible and Accountable

​CMU leaders act with integrity, "walk the talk," work hard, seize opportunities and step up to take on new responsibilities and challenges. We know CMU's success is everyone's responsibility. We welcome and learn from constructive feedback, are accountable for our actions and hold others accountable. We pursue innovative and creative solutions and seek ideas from others.

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    These conversations are the key to getting things done and strengthening work relationships, yet they often miss the mark on both counts! This training covers the 4 basic needs of every employee, and what you can do to best meet those needs through effective two way conversations.

    In 360-degree feedback, employees' behaviors and skills are evaluated not only by subordinates, but also by peers, customers, supervisors, and themselves. Professional Development Programs will assist you with the development, online distribution, and review of the 360-degree tool.

    This Franklin Covey workshop is specifically designed for supervisors. It coaches you in how to release the potential and passion of your team members through 1) guiding them to discover their unique talents and contributions, 2) clarifying desired results and accountability, and 3) being a genuine source of help and support for them. There is a $40 material fee.

    Professional Development Programs offers this series just once per year in the fall. This fast-paced program takes a more in-depth dive into the heart of the Leadership Standards Initiative, exploring leadership theory,  practices, and skills in an interactive and engaging setting. Certification will be awarded upon completion of the series. If you are interested, you must register for the entire series.

    Leadership Excellence is comprised of the following 8 required sessions:

    • Foundations of Leadership 
    • Thoughtful, Open Communicators 
    • Team Builders and People Developers
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Change and Transitions
    • Conflict, Courage and Difficult Conversations 
    • Proactive, Responsible and Accountable
    • MBTI and Leadership Styles

    For more detailed information, you can go to the Leadership Excellence Series webpage. 

    To register for one of these training opportunities, or to learn more about Professional Development opportunities at CMU please visit the Professional Development Programs website.