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End of year review schedule

The intent of the performance management process is to promote ongoing, face-to-face conversations between an employee and supervisor throughout the review year. Therefore, using the review system as a good outline for discussions throughout the year is highly encouraged. At a minimum, it is recommended that you use it at the beginning of the fiscal year to establish written goals and expectations in writing, again at the middle of the year to capture major accomplishments and set goals and expectations for the rest of the year, and at the end of the year to summarize and document these conversations and submit them to Human Resources (HR) at the end of the fiscal year. 

Reviews are to be completed using the online form, found at CentralLink/ My Account/ My Workday/ Performance Reviews.  There are also links to it from the HR home webpage, and the first Performance Review webpage.  You can also make this one of your customized favorites on CentralLink. 

Reviews may of course, be completed ahead of schedule, keeping in mind that the supervisor will not be able to submit it to HR until after July 1st, at which time the "Submit to HR" option becomes available.

 Here is an approximate schedule to use as a guideline for the completion of the 2020-21(YEAR CHANGE) annual review. The only date that is absolute is the final deadline.  

Deadline dates


June 30End of fiscal year
July 1First day the "Submit to HR" button becomes available for the supervisor to be able to submit a review to HR if the review was completed early. 
July 14Employee self-evaluation due ("optional," dependent upon supervisor and/or departmental policy)    
July 28Supervisor comments and feedback completed. Typically, these are not sent back to the employee through the system, rather, the complete review is printed, given to the employee in advance of meeting, and then discussed in a face to face conversation. In this way, if there are any changes the supervisor wishes to make in the comments they most recently made in the review as a result of the conversation, they can do so before sending it back to the employee for any final comments by them. 
August 11Face-to-face discussion deadline.  Any final edits as a result of the conversation are made by either party, and the review is sent back to the supervisor for final submission.                
August 31

Deadline for submission to HR by supervisor, complete with any final edits or additions.

Please Note:  This deadline is "hard-wired" into the review system.  Therefore,  you will not be able to make any edits to the online reviews past this date.  

Note:  Immediate Supervisors can ask the Reviewing Authority (his or her supervisor) to view an Employees' review at any time throughout the year. The Reviewing Authority has access electronically to any review in his or her line of authority, so it does not need to be sent to him or her.  It is expected that the Reviewing Authority will be consulted on any review that is exceptionally high or exceptionally low.