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Hire Authorization Card

CMU Hire Authorization Card

Before beginning work, students need a Hire Authorization Card aka "The Red Card"

Before beginning work on campus new student employees must obtain a red Hire Authorization Card from Student Employment Services, Bovee University Center 121. The red card comes after accepting a position and not before, such as for an interview.

What is the Hire Authorization Card?

The Hire Authorization Card is a small, red card presented to your Supervisor to prove you completed the Tax forms and I9 paperwork with Student Employment Services. The Hire Authorization Card is commonly called the red card.

Can I work as a student employee without the Hire Authorization card?

No. You must not work without first having obtained the Hire Authorization card.

What do I need with me to get the Hire Authorization card?

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For students who are citizens, the documents most commonly used to obtain the Hire Authorization card are a photo ID and an actual Social Security card.


International students must bring a passport, I-94, CentralCard, I-20, and an actual Social Security card.


Screenshots, copies, faxes, or metalized documents will not be accepted.

What if my employer keeps my Hire Authorization card after I present it?

If another Hire Authorization card is needed simply present your CentralCard at the Student Employment Services office and another card will be issued to you.

Will I need to fill out the paperwork again?

You probably will not be required to fill out the paperwork again.  For your security, paperwork is shredded if you have not worked within 30 days of obtaining your first Hire Authorization card. In that case you would be required to complete the paperwork again.

What if my employer doesn’t ask to see my Hire Authorization card?

We recommend showing the Hire Authorization card to your employer even if they do not ask to see it.

I got a second job. Do I need to receive another red Hire Authorization Card?

We recommend getting another red card if you add a job or change jobs. It will not be necessary to complete tax forms and the I9 paperwork again. Simply bring your CentralCard to UC121 and you will be on your way in minutes. As always, take the red card to your supervisor before beginning your first shift.