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What is Work-Study and GSA

On-campus employment is funded by two sources:


Work-Study is dependent upon eligibility determined through the on-time filing of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Students may apply for Work-Study jobs only if awarded Work-Study on the Financial Aid award letter. If you completed the FAFSA and do not know if you qualify, contact Financial Aid or Student Employment Services. Work-Study jobs are available to students who have applied for and been granted a financial aid package that includes a Federal Work-Study award. Students must have filed a FAFSA to be eligible for Work-Study. 

Work-Study positions are available in a variety of campus departments.  Students may earn up to their awarded amount.  Students cannot earn their Work-Study award in off-campus (private industry) jobs. Work-Study does not mean students may study while working.  It is simply the name of the source of the money from which those students are being paid. Some students can qualify for Summer Work-Study.  In Summer, no enrollment is necessary.  Students must also have filed a FAFSA for the current Academic Year as well as the next Academic Year.

General Student Assistance (GSA)

GSA is obtained by all students enrolled at least 1/2 time and all international students enrolled full-time.
All students can work in GSA jobs, including both international students and students not qualifying for financial aid.  GSA positions are paid by departmental budgets.  Students do not have a maximum amount of earnings.

GSA is not awarded on a Financial Aid award notice.  Students need not have filed a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be paid GSA.

NOTE: It is possible to have both a Work-Study position and a GSA position.  It is also possible, upon departmental approval, to have your position switched from Work-Study to GSA after earning your awarded amount.