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Work-Study Report Instructions

All SAP users have access to the Departmental Work Study Report which provides several pieces of vital information, including a student employee's Work-Study award amount and earnings-to-date. A Work-Study student will not appear on the report until that student has earnings.

Work-Study award amounts update nightly. Earnings on the report update every two weeks after the current payroll is run and released.  For specific dates, contact Payroll.

There are three Work-Study award periods in the fiscal year.  Chronologically, they are Summer II (SUM 2), Academic Year (ACAD), and Summer I (SUM 1).

Accessing the Report

There are two ways to access the report:

  1. Type in ZPA_ZPRPA007 in the field on the upper left of any SAP screen, OR
  2. On your User Menu, go to:  Reports > Students > Dept Student Work-Study

Execute.  The following SELECTION SCREEN appears:

Executing the Report

On the Selection Screen enter a PROCESSING DATE.  To view the latest data for the current award period, enter today's date.

Next, enter either a student PERSONNEL NUMBER (Campus ID#) or a Work-Study COST CENTER, and Execute.

The report displays in less than a minute. When it comes up, it looks like the following:

The report is simple yet contains useful and vital information.


Across the top:


  • The PROCESSING DATE:  In the example:  03/15/2021
  • The AID YEAR:  2020-21
  • The AID PERIOD:  ACAD (Academic Year)
  • The dates of the Academic year:  08/09/2020 to 05/15/2021
  • The date through which the information is updated:  The earnings on this particular report are UPDATED THROUGH THE PAY PERIOD ENDING:   02/20/2021

The body of the report contains:

  • The student's NAME
  • The student's Campus ID Number (PERS #)
  • The student's Work-Study AWARD AMOUNT
  • The student's EARNINGS through the pay period specified at the top right (in the example:  02/20/2021)
  • The BALANCE of the student's Work-Study award for the award period (in this case the Academic year).

The award amount is particularly important: If a student's Work-Study award is reduced for any reason, you can be aware of it within 24 hours by accessing this report.

Changes in Work-Study award amounts are updated nightly.  Departments are encouraged to review all of their students' Work-Study award amounts frequently.

An award reduction going unnoticed may mean earnings must be covered with GSA funding instead.  


Student employees with Work-Study earnings in more than one department will appear on the report with EARNINGS from your cost center only; however, the AWARD AMOUNT will be the total for both departments. 

Typically, a Work-Study Share Form is routed between the two departments and an agreement is reached about how much of the award each department will utilize.

The Work-Study report can help if you want to know if  a student employee is earning Work-Study funds in more than one department:

Bring up the SELECTION-SCREEN.  Enter a PROCESSING DATE and the student's PERSONNEL NUMBER (Campus ID #). Execute.

The report lists students under all of the cost centers for which they have Work-Study earnings.  Remember, earnings are for the individual cost center while the award amount is in total.

In the example, Paul Savoy has two Cost Centers, but a total Work-Study award of  $8000.00. Notice the Earnings within each Cost Center and the Balance attributed.