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CMU's Strategic Envisioning Process

Rigor, Relevance and Excellence

The field of higher education is changing rapidly. Conversations about the cost of attendance, student debt and return on investment shape public opinion; demographic shifts impact enrollment; public funding lags behind inflation; political and social trends affect state support; and new competitors move in and out of the market. CMU must be prepared to respond and adapt to remain competitive in this changing environment.

To that end, CMU is embarking on a strategic envisioning process under the working title “Rigor, Relevance and Excellence” to guide the university through the next decade. The 10-year planning timeline allows for bold and innovative thought and truly transformational change. We will reshape CMU and position ourselves to better serve our students; foster innovation and economic development; ensure civic and social advancement; and spur new creations that will impact our region, our state and beyond.

The following five strategic pathways will guide our planning:

  1. Enhance the overall academic quality and environment of CMU with a renewed commitment to rigor, relevance and excellence in our curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular programs.

  2. Distinguish CMU as the equitable and inclusive marketplace of ideas, thoughts and actions.

  3. Build and foster a reciprocal ecosystem of innovation, economic development and cultural enrichment between and among the many communities throughout the state of Michigan, with a primary connection to the rural and underserved communities that CMU has honorably and successfully served.

  4. Understand and proactively address the dynamic nature of the college student – both current and future.

  5. Redefine and expand our business model to include opportunities in lifelong learning, partnerships with organizations and midcareer educational needs.

Working groups for each pathway will engage campus and community stakeholders in discussions and develop strategic objectives that will define CMU in 2030.