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Gaining Input and Building Consensus

“Our priority is to gain full campus engagement and support,” President George E. Ross.

The Strategic Planning Team identified a long list of stakeholders who have a vested interest in CMU. It then developed a plan to reach those constituents, present the process and solicit their input. The vetting diagram shows continuous engagement by stakeholders followed by revision followed by further engagement and another revision.

​The process began on June 1, 2011, when President Ross wrote the first draft of the vision statement and the initial five priority statements. That draft was then exchanged several times with the Cabinet, Strategic Planning Team and Board of Trustees, each time undergoing revision. Draft #2 was shared with the Council of Deans on September 27, 2011. There has not been a substantive revision since then because the Strategic Planning Team wanted each constituent group to react to the same information.

In early April 2012 the Strategic Planning Team will meet to collect, digest and incorporate the input from the engagement and focus group meetings which included the deans, chairs, Academic Senate members, on-campus and global campus faculty, staff, students, community leaders, and alumni. The Team will bring the revised vision statement, priorities and initiatives to the campus community through discussions with stakeholders and in large cross-campus meetings to be held in late April 2012. Input will be gathered and another version of the vision statement, priorities, and initiatives will be drafted for review in the fall 2012.

We anticipate that discussions will continue through the summer and fall. The strategic planning process may be concluded before the December 2012 Board of Trustees meeting.​​

StakeholderUpdate and Engagement Meeting Dates
Council of DeansSeptember 27, 2011
Senior StaffNovember 30, 2012
Alumni Board and Young Alumni BoardJanuary 13, 2012
Global Campus staffOctober 5, 2011
Global Campus (video conference)January 20, February 2, February 3, 2012
Senate Exec BoardOctober 7, 2011; February 21, 2012; March 27, 2012
Academic SenateNovember 1, 2011; February 21, 2012
Council of ChairsNovember 6, 2011; February 1, 2012; March 21, 2012
Staff – PAJanuary 30, 2012
Staff - OPFebruary 6, 2012
Staff – SMFebruary 20, 2012
Staff – AllFebruary 20, 2012
SGANovember 7, 2011
Graduate Teaching Assistants (exec bd)February 23, 2012
FacultyFebruary 22, 2012
Fixed-term FacultyFebruary 29, 2012
CommunityFebruary 22, 2012 (Ziibiwing Center)
Business PartnersFebruary 27, 2012 (Mt P Chamber of Commerce)
City Liaison CommitteeFebruary 23, 2012
Social media outreach to alumni, business, communityIn progress