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Identifying and Designating a Proctor

Acceptable proctors include:

  • CMU Off-Campus Center
  • CMU Online Staff (pre-approved)
  • Local librarians
  • Military/industry education or testing centers
  • School/college counselors, administrators, and teachers
Friends, relatives, direct supervisors, co-workers, or anyone the student has a personal relationship with are not qualified proctors and will be denied.  Any individual who cannot provide a suitable testing environment will also be denied as a proctor.  Contact information – phone and email address – must be affiliated with the proctor's organization.
CMU reserves the right to deny any proctor or assign proctors to students as necessary.  If you have questions about a prospective proctor, contact the Certified Testing Center at 989-774-1092 or email for clarification.

To Designate a Proctor for Approval: 

  1. Login to the Proctor Designation System.
  2. Once logged in, the screen will display your customized information.
  3. Click the Add Proctor tab.
  4. Complete the information by entering the zip code for the proctor’s location; choose a proctor location – Mt. Pleasant campus or other location. If choosing another location, you’ll then select the proctor type – CMU Off-Campus Center or Non-CMU Proctor.

Proctor Type: CMU or Non-CMU Proctors:

  1. CMU proctors at the campus Testing Center and our off-campus locations (formerly known as Global Campus) are automatically approved.
  2. Non-CMU Pre-approved Proctors are proctors who have been previously approved by CMU. Students will need to double-check that the proctor is still available, schedule exams directly with the proctor, and comply with requirements and/or costs associated with Non-CMU proctors.
  3. A Non-CMU Proctor, not already listed, requires submission for approval. Select Submit a Proctor for Approval through the designation form and include all information that is listed. Students will receive an email from CMU with approval or denial within 2 business days. Students must schedule exams directly with the proctor and comply with requirements and/or costs associated with Non-CMU proctors.

Exam Instructions and Passcodes Emailed to Approved Proctors:

  1. Exam instructions and passcodes are sent to approved proctors during WEEK 1 of the term.
  2. If a proctor designation is received after WEEK 1 of the term, exam instructions and passcodes are emailed to the proctor within 2 business days after approval.