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National Scholarship pre-application processĀ 

Application process

National and international scholarships and fellowships are highly competitive.  While the CMU National Scholarship Program will assist candidates throughout the application process, applicants will need to devote significant time and energy to applying and preparing for these competitions.  At any stage during this process, students are encouraged to contact the National Scholarship Program for assistance.

CMU pre-applications

The National Scholarship Program requires students to submit a scholarship-specific pre-application form. Follow this link to download the appropriate pre-application, fill it in completely and email along with a copy of your CMU transcript to Dr. Maureen Harke at .  Applicants are encouraged to apply several months earlier than the specific deadlines.  Be sure to browse the scholarship’s official website for up-to-date information and eligibility requirements.


For many national scholarships and fellowships, CMU applicants must receive endorsement from faculty and the National Scholarship Program if applying as a CMU student.  Begin several months earlier than the specific deadlines in order to make the appropriate connections and to be fully prepared.  Begin by consulting with the Director of the National Scholarship Program.

Letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important part of virtually any national scholarship and fellowship application.  Scholarships generally require between three to eight letters of recommendation.  Applicants should request letters from professors no later than one month prior to any deadline so that they have time to write a carefully considered letter.  Always provide as much information about yourself and the award for which you are applying for to your recommenders.  Keep in mind that individualized letters of recommendation that are specific to the scholarship/fellowship you are applying for are more powerful than general letters of recommendation.

Official application

Every scholarship and fellowship has its own application.  They most likely will require a completed application form, a personal statement, three or more letters of recommendation, and an unofficial or official transcript. 
National Scholarship Program staff is available to assist students throughout the application process, including addressing guidelines, developing ideas, and writing and submitting the application.  Contact the National Scholarship Program  for more information.