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A Sign of the Times

Decision time is here. You’ve done your research, visited campuses, put in your applications and gotten your acceptance letters. Now it’s time to decide and let everyone know where you’ll be going to college this fall.

We want you to join the CMU Chippewa family

It’s the perfect time to make your decision. Your financial aid offer is now available in your financial aid portal. You can log in using your new CMU account, see how much you’ve earned in merit scholarships, and if you filed your FAFSA, how much you qualify for in student loans. You can also access your financial aid portal through your admitted student portal.

Yes, choosing CMU is a big step. It means you’ve chosen a path paved with support and filled with active learning that leads to real-world success. Making your enrollment reservation deposit lets you begin the exciting planning part of your journey toward starting your classes this fall.

If you haven’t done it already, now is the time to go to your admitted student portal and make or defer your $175 reservation deposit. Why? Because this tells us you’re coming to CMU, and we’ll hold a spot for you. You’ll also be able to sign up for your orientation, where you’ll meet with an advisor and choose your courses. Depositing opens your housing application, and you’ll get a link to your Residential Community Living Guide that walks you through all the options you have for housing and meal plans. You will find links to both orientation and housing registration in your admitted student portal.

Deferring your deposit opens the same next steps as paying it now. Just check the defer option in your portal and your spot is secured. You’ll be able to sign up for orientation and start your housing application. Your $175 deposit will be added to your first tuition payment and due Oct. 1. Your deposit is not binding and is fully refundable if you request a refund before May 1.


Once you’ve chosen CMU, you’ll want to let everyone know. That’s where we can help. If you make or defer your deposit before April 1, we’ll send you an awesome yard sign to show off that you’re heading to CMU this fall.

Why decide now?

If the sign isn’t enough to make you want to deposit right now, consider this. The sooner you make or defer your deposit:

  • The more orientation dates will be available.
  • The more time you’ll have to use our roommate matching app RoomSync to find and get in touch with a great match.
  • The more contacts you can make in your own Class of 2026 Facebook group.

Get your sign of things to come and start getting ready for fall!

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