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Research consultations save time and keep research on track

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One of the library’s more popular services is the research consultation. In a research consultation, a student or faculty member meets one-on-one with the subject librarian from their academic area to discuss an assignment, research paper, presentation, or research project. The librarian provides guidance on the best research approaches to the topic, suggests the most appropriate resources to use for information, and answers any other questions. They may offer helpful suggestions or refer someone to another support unit in the building, such as the Documents on Demand or the Statistical Consulting Center. The research consultation is tailored entirely to the needs of the researcher, making it a very effective way to collect information and move the process forward. The feedback the library has received from researchers who use the service has been very positive.

A research consultation will help a student:

• Develop and/or refine a research topic.
• Construct an effective search strategy to locate the most relevant and timely material.
• Understand and use the library’s databases and other research tools.
• Critically evaluate potential sources.

Research consultations are also helpful for faculty. A subject librarian can help a faculty member:

• Build library exercises and research guides in support of courses and programs.
• Explore a research topic.
• Understand copyright and scholarly communication issues.
• Explore data management options.
• Utilize citation management tools.

Scheduling a research consultation with a subject librarian is a great way to move your research ahead. The librarian will answer your questions and direct you to relevant information and save you valuable time and effort in the process. Check out our  subject librarian page to find the librarian who can help you.

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