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July 7, 2022: Website updates

While the strategists have been busy organizing and cleaning up the DAM, the developers have been busy fixing bugs for this week's deployment.

Fixes included:

  • Correcting the Social Share and Alumni widget titles to use the right heading size.
    • This makes the elements on web pages more consistent across the site.
  • Making mobile accordions show on people profiles and the Fired Up and Focused profiles.
    • Accordions were not showing on mobile devices before. Now users are able to view the information in them.
  • Adjusting the search function to process searches that include special characters like hyphens, slashes, apostrophes.
    • Special characters originally caused errors in search. Now they have been taken into account and do not cause errors.
  • Enhancing the program page title area and text size on odd-shaped devices, since some program names were too long.
    • Users with devices with screens that were not a standard size could not originally read the program page titles. This enhancement corrected this problem.
  • Making the blog post listings image sizes consistent.
    • This made all the images the same size and scaling which brings consistency to pages.
  • Correcting search results that were missing descriptions on mobile.
    • Search results will now be more complete and there will be no missing descriptions when users are on a mobile device.

View the full list of items in the website release notes here.

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