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May 25, 2022: Website updates

During the month of May, the strategists, working in tandem with the developers, have been preparing and testing the website in order to upgrade Sitefinity to version 14.1. 

Included in this upgrade:

  • Added support for WEBP image format for images and thumbnails.
    • WebP  is designed to create  smaller files  for the same quality, or of higher quality for the same size, than JPEG, PNG, and GIF image formats.
  • Unpublished forms are no longer shown when filtering forms with published status only.
    • This allows backend users to select from a list of published forms only.
  • Correcting the "Shared" label being lost when editing page with shared content blocks.
    • Backend users will no longer be unsure if they are working in a shared content block. This eliminates the possibility of creating duplicate shared content blocks.
  • Improvements in site sync scheduled syncs.
    • These improvements will make the migration of information from our staging environment to the production environment more seamless.
  • Error when there is a link to a deleted item.
    • Correcting this makes it easier to identify broken links and fix them.
  • Content block links to pages with appended url segments broken after upgrade.
    • This correction ensures outside site links will not be appended to the main website.
  • Error thrown when paste code in the HTML view of the Editor.
    • Correcting this allows backend users to add links more easily.

View the full details of the Sitefinity version 14.1 upgrade.

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