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Updated homepage design will improve user experience on

Central Michigan's Digital Strategy Team is rolling out another major enhancement designed to make it easier for users to find information and take actions on The update will be live on Thursday, April 11.

The change introduces a homepage design that includes a main content area on the left side of the screen accompanied by a rectangular image on the right. The content area will feature text and a call-to-action button.

A screencapture of the updated homepage design for showing the image on the right and content area on the left.

The improved homepage design will reduce the number of clicks needed to access important information, increase user engagement with all CMU content, and directly support recruitment and retention initiatives.

User interface/user experience (UI/UX) designer Ashita Nichanametla said a main goal of the change is optimizing how users are guided to relevant content and encouraged to take the next step in their user journey.

“Adding a button right at the top of a website acts like a welcoming guide, immediately engaging visitors and directing them towards what we want them to do next. It makes a strong first impression and turns casual browsers into active participants, whether that means applying for free, scheduling a visit, or learning more. This method not only makes the site more user-friendly but also significantly increases the chances of engaging users right from the start.”

This redesign will also allow greater flexibility and scalability of future projects to advance based on the needs of users.

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