Requirements and Expectations

CMU's Multicultural Academic Student Services Office will work closely with scholarship recipients to maintain academic success throughout your years at CMU. An updated list of requirements and opportunities for all scholars can be found below.

Congratulations and welcome to the MAC Scholar's Program! During your first year, scholars are required to complete a series of activities designed to provide a highly successful transition to college life and provide an enhanced cultural educational experience. Protocol requirements in continuing years will be less than that of new scholars. Click here for a list of first year MAC Scholar requirements and expectations.

Congratulations! After much diligence and effort, you have made it to the Sophomore year of your MAC Scholarship. Because of your overall hard work, your MAC Scholarship Protocol has been reduced as you continue to portray the life of a Diversity Champion throughout your second year. Please click here to see your Sophomore Year Protocol.

Another year has been completed and you are going strong. This is the year you are able to move off campus if you wish, while continuing to positively affect your surrounding community. Click here for the Junior Year Protocol.

You are at the home stretch of your MAC Scholar experience and all of your hard work will soon pay off in graduation. Congratulations! Click here for your Senior Year Protocol.

If you have additional questions regarding the MAC Scholarship, call Wade Tomson, at 989-774-4458.