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A CMU online graduate smiles because of his promotion after completing his bachelor's degree program.

Bachelor’s Degrees

Whether you are fresh out of high school, a recent community college graduate, or returning to earn a college degree after a few (or several) years in the workplace, CMU has a wide variety of bachelor’s degrees that will prepare you for success and place you in a position of robust and exciting opportunity.

If you’re ready to increase your level of expertise, position yourself for a promotion, or prepare for a career change, CMU has top-rated online bachelor’s degrees that can be completed from the convenience of anywhere.

Find your degree program and choose from more than 60 college majors below. View degree requirements, deadlines, application information, and next steps:

Online Bachelor's Degrees



Online Face-to-Face Hybrid

Accelerated Degrees

At CMU, you can start your master’s degree while you finish your bachelor’s degree. Save time and money by earning 12 credits of your bachelor’s degree that also counts toward your Master of Science in Administration degree.

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Looking for In-Person Bachelor’s Degree Programs

If you prefer an in-person learning setting, discover our more than 200 undergraduate academic programs taught on CMU’s main campus in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

View Main Campus Bachelor’s Programs