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Two CMU students embrace as they celebrate the commencement of their degree programs.

Academic & Degree Programs

 DegreesCentral Michigan University is at the forefront of flexible education, bringing a variety of convenient, quality academic and degree programs, wherever you may be in your life.

Whether you want to finish a bachelor’s degree you already started, move up or branch out with a master’s or doctoral degree, or broaden your skillset through a specially developed academic program, CMU has certificate, personal development, and degree programs to fit your goals.

Since 1971, CMU has been a leader in offering learning opportunities and built strong support services for working adults and others who want to earn degrees or complete academic programs outside the traditional college experience.

In addition to our main campus offerings in Mount Pleasant, CMU offers a variety of degree and academic programs online and at satellite locations across Michigan, the U.S. and in Canada.

Degrees, Certificates, Professional Development & Personal Enrichment Programs

Ready to prepare for career success? CMU Online is committed to delivering and helping you achieve the right balance of challenge, support and hands-on experience so you can meet your educational goals. Explore our degrees and programs to find the program that’s right for you:

Bachelor's Degrees

Bachelor's Degrees

Looking to prepare for a career? Earn a promotion? Want to finish the degree you already started? CMU has a variety of bachelor's degree programs offered online and at satellite locations.

Explore bachelor's degree programs
Master's Degrees

Master's Degrees

Looking for a promotion? Considering a career change? Or just want to enhance your expertise in your field? From education to health, to nutrition and business, CMU has a master’s degree for you to master your career.

Explore master’s degree programs
Undergraduate Certificates

Undergraduate Certificates

Want to expand your professional skills with focused training? CMU’s undergraduate certificates range from 4 to 6 courses with each course taught in a condensed 8-week term offering convenience and flexibility.

Explore undergraduate certificates
Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Want to strengthen your knowledge in your field? Need a certificate to move up? Graduate certificates can be completed in a year and are perfect to advance your skills.

Explore graduate certificates
Doctorate Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Want to step into a key leadership role? CMU offers a handful of doctoral programs in the fields of education and health administration completely online.

Explore doctoral programs
Accelerated Degrees

Accelerated Degrees​

Want to work toward your master's degree while earning your bachelor’s degree? Save time and money by taking courses that can count toward both.

Explore accelerated degrees
Professional Development

Professional Development

Need a refresher course to stay on top of your industry? Want to sharpen your skills to be the best in your career? CMU delivers flexible and cost-effective professional development programs to individuals and organizations.

Explore professional development programs
Personal Enrichment

Personal Enrichment​​​​​

Are you a lifelong learner? In search of personal growth? CMU has seminars and workshops to promote personal enrichment.

Explore personal enrichment programs
Specialist Degrees

Specialist Degrees

A specialist’s degree is an advanced degree that you can obtain after you receive your master’s and as an alternative to obtaining a doctorate.

Explore specialist programs