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Frequently Asked Questions about CONNECT CMU

What is a buddy upgrade?​

If you want to order a new phone for your line and are not yet eligible to upgrade, you can request a buddy upgrade and order your new phone using the eligibility of another line on your account​. You can request a buddy upgrade by checking the buddy upgrade box on your Service and Order Form.

Can I order a new device if I am not eligible to upgrade?​​

Yes, you can order a new device if you are not eligible to upgrade, and do not have any buddy upgrades available. Not being eligible to upgrade simply means you are not eligible to purchase a new device at the subsidized prices listed on our website. You will be charged the full retail cost when you order a device prior to being eligible. We will ask you to approve your full retail purchase via email before we process your order.

What are my options to insure my device?

CONNECT CMU customers are able to purchase insurance coverage through any third party insurance provider. We are no longer able to purchase insurance features directly through our carriers. Many of our customers use SquareTrade and Applecare+ for their device insurance needs​.​ Note: If you have an insurance feature currently active on your CONNECT CMU service, your insurance coverage will remain until you order an upgrade, or change the device on your phone number.

How do I exchange my new device for something different?​

Our carrier's worry free guarantee policies allow you to exchange your phone for a different model within the first 14 days of your contract. A worry free guarantee (WFG) replacement, or exchange, can be ordered by submitting a new request. Note: Exchanges cannot be ordered on the basis of changing model color.

What is the difference between a port and a transfer?

A port is the process of moving your phone number(s) from your current carrier to a completely different carrier, i.e., from AT&T to Verizon. ​A transfer, also called an assumption of liability or transfer of liability, is the process of moving your phone number(s) from one account to another while maintaining the same carrier.​

Am I ​eligible to receive cellular service through the CONNECT?

Cellular service is available to all CMU Community members including, students, staff, faculty, alumni, retirees, CMU Healthcare employees, and other colleges/departments.

How long are service contracts through CONNECT?

Contracts are one or two years in length, depending on the cellular provider.

  • AT&T: Two-year service terms.
  • T-Mobile: Two-year service term.
  • Verizon: One-year service term.

If I already have cell phone service, can I transfer to CONNECT?

We can easily transfer your existing service to CONNECT. This allows you to keep your existing provider and phone number while receiving the discount and other benefits associated with CONNECT.

Are there particular devices that will not function with CONNECT service?

We are unable to activate Alltel, Verizon Nationwide, Nextel, and/or Centennial Wireless devices. These devices require particular service plans that are no longer available to CONNECT through our various carrier contracts.

Where can I find pricing details for CONNECT plans?

Current pricing for all providers is available in the Cellular Providers section of our website.

Where do I get billed from? Can I pay my bill online?

As a customer, you will receive a detailed statement from our office outlining all charges and usage. Amounts due will be billed through Student Account Services and University Billing and posted to your university account.

As with any charges on your CMU account, you can view your bill and make payments via CentralLink.

CMU Healthcare employees do not have the ability to view bills or make payments via CentralLink at this time. University Billing will mail a paper bill for these accounts.

Where is CONNECT located on campus?

We have two locations on campus. Our main office is located on the lower level of Woldt Dining, next to the Market. Parking for our Woldt location is available in Lot 47, located off Broomfield, across from the CMU Events Center. We are also located in the Bovee University Center, inside the CMU Bookstore.

Do you provide technical support for my phone?

We have the experience to help with many setup and day-to-day issues related to the cellular devices we offer. If more in-depth technical support or repair is needed, we will assist in connecting you with the appropriate support options through your cellular provider.

How will I receive my phone?

The following shipping and handling options are available for new device orders.

Pick Up at Location - Free: Your device can be picked up at either our Woldt Dining or Bovee U.C. location. Pick Up at Location is the default shipping option. Selecting another option will require you to provide the appropriate shipping information for your order.

Campus Delivery - Free: We will deliver the device to any location on CMU's main campus, and to CMU North. We are unable to deliver to residence halls.

Ship to Address - We will ship your device to any one location. Devices cannot be shipped internationally or to P.O. boxes. A signature is required at the time of delivery. Devices shipped out of the state of Michigan will be charged state and local tax relative to the destination - California, Massachusetts, and Nevada charge tax based on the device full-retail cost.

What is an IMEI​?

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifier) is a unique number that identifies a mobile device. Below are a couple of sites that can assist you in locating your device IMEI.


What is an ICCID​?

The ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) is also referred to as a SIM card number. The ICCID is a unique serial number stored in the SIM card. This number can be found printed on the physical SIM card, or can be located in the settings of your device.

Are there cancellation fees? What is the return policy?

If you chose to terminate your service prior to the end of your service term, standard early-termination fees will apply based on the prorated schedule, outlined by the cellular services contract. New devices can be returned within the first 14 days of service for a refund - service and usage fees still apply.

Is it possible to change plans without incurring penalties/renewing the contract?

These policies vary between vendors. Please call our office at (989)774-3087 with any specific questions about plan changes or renewals.

What happens to my plan when I graduate? If I study abroad?

Once you graduate from CMU, you are free to keep your service as a CMU Alum. You will continue to receive your full discount and all benefits associated with CONNECT.

Many providers offer plans allowing you to use a phone overseas. If this isn't an option, you can put your service on hold while you are out of the country. Your contract will resume once you return.

​How many phones can I have on my account?

Students can have up to 3 phones through CONNECT. Faculty/Staff and alumni can have up to 5 phones through CONNECT.​