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Excellence in Teaching Award Current Winners

John Andraka

John Andraka

Assistant Professor - Department of Physical Therapy
2022 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. John Andraka, is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy in the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow, College of Health Professions.  Dr. Andraka designs his classroom activities in “an extremely intentional way” to “convey the subject matter” and elicit a productive learning experience for the students. He is an engaging and enthusiastic teacher. At the core of his teaching are “shared personal experiences that coincide with the related topic and illustrate the practical application of the given material” to “provide educational role modeling”. Dr. Andraka is highly praised and loved by the students for providing “clear and high expectations” for his courses.  

Allison ArnekransAllison Arnekrans

Associate Professor - Department of Counseling and Special Education
2022 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Allison Arnekrans is an Associate Professor of Counseling and Special Education in the College of Education and Human Services. At the core of her teaching, Dr. Arnekrans describes how she adapts to the unique needs and personalities of each group of students that she teaches, all the while remaining transparent in her expectations and thorough in her instructional design. Her colleagues describe her as exceptionally well-organized, working to include various learning activities such as case studies and role-plays. One colleague states that Dr. Arnekrans "engages [students] with respect and integrity." With descriptions that include "enthusiastic,” “warm,” and “humble.” Students have also noted Dr. Arnekrans for her role as the "voice of our program." In sum, Dr. Arnekrans exemplifies the spirit of CMU’s excellence in teaching award.  

Daniel BallouDaniel Ballou

Assistant Professor - Department of Physical Education and Sport
2022 Student Choice CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Daniel Ballou is an Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Sport within the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow, College of Health Professions and is the 2022 Student Choice Award winner. Dr. Ballou has taught facility management, statistics, economics, and finance courses at multiple course levels. Students say he has made math and finance accessible, leaving them "wanting more experience." He engages students in discussion, allowing them to develop their own deeper understanding of the material. Accordingly, "He not only teaches the material but prepares students for the future." He has positively influenced their lives, inspiring them to succeed with their studies and reach beyond their goals. 

Stephen JurisStephen Juris

Associate Professor - Department of Biology
2022 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Steven Juris is an Associate Professor in Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry within the College of Science and Engineering, teaching at multiple levels. Dr. Jurris is committed to helping students learn, think, and work independently and in teams. His classes are designed to engage students and build their confidence and community. Students said about Dr. Juris's style, “that teamwork moves beyond the classroom, and students will get together outside of class to study.” Further, they stated, he teaches “difficult subject in a way that was understandable and gave us the tools to study the content on our own time outside of class.

Keeley Stanley-Bohn Keeley Stanley-Bohn

Professor of Theatre - Department of Theatre and Dance
2022 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Keeley Stanley-Bohn is a Professor of Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Dance, in the College of Arts and Media. At the heart of Professor Stanley-Bohn’s teaching is the building of a strong rapport with students. She believes that “…in order to set students up for success in their chosen field, they need to understand how valuable they are regardless of status, grades, and titles.” As one student observed, Professor Stanley-Bohn “…actively sought out students who are underrepresented in the field and worked to provide opportunities within the department for LGBTQ students, women, and students of color.” In her own words, Professor Stanley-Bohn affirms that “…providing guidance from the beginning sets them up for success, and I always honor my word to them.” 

Leslie Wallace Leslie Wallace

Fixed-term faculty - School of Health Sciences
2022 CMU Excellence in Teaching Award 

Leslie Wallace is a fixed-term faculty member in the Exercise Science Division, School of Health Sciences, in the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions.  As an educator, she describes herself as a cheerleader and coach encouraging students to become better versions of themselves in and out of the classroom.  A student described her as “an unbelievably gifted lecturer” with an “unparalleled ability to breakdown the most complex topics into digestible information.”  Peers noted she uses “personal and real-life examples and case studies” to “illustrate applications and capture students' interest,” thereby helping students “visualize and conceptualize” processes. 

Jeffrey Weinstock

Professor - Department of English Language and Literature
2022 Lorrie Ryan Memorial CMU Excellence in Teaching Award

Dr. Jeffrey Weinstock is a Professor of English Language and Literature in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and is this year’s Lorrie Ryan Memorial, Excellence in Teaching Award Winner. As one example of his teaching, a colleague notes the ways in which Dr. Weinstock can move students back and forth between the difficult and challenging concepts related to the literature that he teaches with cultural references and recent memes with which his students can relate. With descriptions that include “open,” “sensitive,” and even “a huge and glaring geek about his subject,” Dr. Weinstock has literally “written the book” (or two) on best practices for teaching his subject. Having been nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award multiple times, Dr. Weinstock’s students appreciate how he creates “a sense of shared ownership of the learning experience,” providing them with new ideas and opportunities for exploring life and literature.