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Faculty Distinguished Service Award

This award was created by the Provost in 2001 to honor  faculty members  whose record of sustained service to the University, their professions, and academic communities have been particularly distinguished.  In each case, the committee will consider the impact, quality, and long-term value of service performed, along with the internal and external recognition of the service. 

A call for nominations is  sent out to the campus community in January of each year. Instructions are provided regarding  the process. The winner is selected through a blind review process by an appointed subcommittee of the Shared Governance Communication Committee. Winner(s) are recognized at the Faculty Excellence Exhibition ceremony in April. 

Award criteria

Service may have been to a department or college, the university, or to a broader community through professional or public service to the faculty member's discipline. The range of acceptable types of service is broad, from supporting the proper and efficient functioning of a campus unit or process, to leading state or national initiatives within a discipline or higher education organization. Only service that is sustained and truly distinguished is worthy of this recognition.  It must evidence the qualities of excellent service defined by CMU: care, knowledge, availability, and follow-through. 

Some examples of the many possible types of service include:  

  • Leadership in the Academic Senate or its committees.
  • Support and promotion of the teaching and scholarship of others.
  • Engagement in mentoring of students.  
  • Leadership in assessment and/or accreditation activities.
  • Leadership that enhances civility and respect.
  • Development of diversity and multicultural programming.  
  • Engagement in capital campaign or other resource-generating activities.
  • Leadership in regional and national professional groups.  
  • Leadership in and development of service learning or civic engagement programs.  

This award is intended to recognize the service faculty members provide because of their standing in the professorate of their discipline, and so would not be appropriate for service rendered outside of that professional role (e.g., as a community or family member).  An individual who has received this award will not be eligible again for six years.