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Creating Interactive Videos

The benefits of an interactive video allow viewers to engage and interact with content to deepen learning.  Specifically, videos recorded with Chipcast (powered by Panopto) allow built-in questions to gauge learners' understanding — at their own pace. Depending on your needs, you'll first want to determine where you'd like to record your content. You can "self-serve" by recording your own videos either at home using your personal computer or record materials using our autonomous Instructional Studios in the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support. You can also request to record your videos in our "Hollywood" recording studio. With this option, the Media Team will work with you individually (before and during recording) to create what is most necessary for your learning goals. 

Once you've determined the best location for recording, here is the process of developing interactive videos that will engage your learners.

  1. Prepare your Content. Prepare your materials by considering what questions would work face-to-face, then determine if they can be translated to questions for import into your video (e.g., multiple-choice, multiple select, true/false, fill-in-the-blank) using Panapto's in-video questioning capability.
  1. Prepare Yourself. Consider a few essential details before recording, including how to log in and use Panopto/Chipcast.
  1. Record your Panopto/Chipcast videos keeping these essential details in mind, including the need to stay brief, be conversational, maintain an enthusiastic tone, and personalize whenever possible.
  1. Edit your recording and insert questions and other content.
  1. Import and edit closed-captioning using automatic speech recognition.
  1. Place links in the desired location (e.g., Blackboard shell).

Review Data from Your Videos

Reviewing the data or analytics of your videos provides information concerning your students' learning progress. Instructors can examine the number of views and downloads for a video, individual viewing data, including specific date ranges, and more. Additionally, the quiz results can be directly imported into a Blackboard grade book. Panopto recommends the in-video quizzing as more of a formative comprehension check on the lecture material than a summative assessment tool. Please note that this process requires some setup for the faculty at the beginning of each semester. The following list of resources will help you get started on creating engaging, interactive videos for your students.

Additional Resources


Interactive Quizzing

Panopto/Chipcast Post-Production