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Building Content and Course Design in Blackboard Ultra

Course content

Video resources

Full Playlist: Creating and Managing Course Content

  • Introduction to Course Content (6:50) - This video provides a background to content in Blackboard, how content is added, types of content and levels of content, and provides an explanation of modules and folders
  • Adding & Creating Content (8:50) - A demonstration of adding the various types of content to an Ultra course with an explanation of Forced Sequence, tracking student progress through content, an explanation of Ultra Documents, Cloud Documents, and Collaborative Cloud documents, the creation of links and an explanation of Release Conditions.
  • Copying Content (3:34) - A description of the copying content methods and how to select content to copy
  • Organizing & Managing Content (3:59) - Guides for rearranging content via the drag and drop feature, using the Batch Edit method and utilizing the Content Search feature

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Sound principles of course design

Video resources

Sound Principles of Course Design (8:22) - As you re-imagine your course in Ultra, use these five principles of course design to guide you in creating a course centered on the student learning experience.

Note: All faculty will be added to the Sound Principles of Course Design Ultra course shell to learn more about the (5) Principles of Course Design.  See the Workshops tab on the Bb Homepage.