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Course Migration in Blackboard Ultra

    Blackboard Ultra Migration

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    Full Playlist: Blackboard Ultra Migration

    Migrating course content from Original to Ultra is not as simple as completing a course copy but requires pedagogical decisions on the organization and presentation of content while ensuring proper formatting and configuration. This video series explains the course migration process and demonstrates how to prepare and move content and complete a post-migration review to finalize your new Ultra course.

    • Course Migration Overview (7:54) - Ready to migrate course content?  This video provides an overview of the migration process and provides tips for a successful transition.
    • Preparing Your Course for Migration to Ultra (16:22) - Prepare and organize your course content for migration into Ultra.
    • Migrating Course Content to Ultra (16:59) - See how migration is completed and content is transferred from the Original course into an Ultra shell.
    • Post-Migration Review (17:15) - Complete a Post-Migration Review of the Ultra course to ensure proper presentation of content, user-friendly navigation, and configuration of settings. Also consider use of new features now available in your Ultra course.

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