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ID Photo Submission

Submit your Central ID photo today

First review and follow the Central ID photo requirements provided and then click on the Online Photo Submission link below. Sign into Transact eAccounts with your global ID and cmich password, click on profile, click to submit a photo, upload your photo, and submit.  One form of government photo ID is required (passport or driver's license).

Central ID photo requirements

ID Photo Example


  • Current color photo in .jpeg format
  • Photo size ratio 1:1 square, no more than 4 MG
  • Centered, front view of full face, no head tilt, and horizontal to camera
  • White or light gray plain non-texture background
  • Cropped above the head and below shoulders
  • Proper lighting with no shadows
  • Eyes open and visible
  • Straight face or a smile
  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do
  • Head coverings allowed if worn daily for religious purpose (full face must be visible, covering cannot obscure hairline or cast shadows on face


  • Wearing a hat, sunglasses, or anything that obscures the face
  • No shadows, glare, or red eyes
  • Other visible people or objects in the photo
  • No props or hand gestures allowed
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Copyright images
  • No use of social media filters or face filters

The CentralCard Office will review your photo and notify you via your cmich email once approved or denied.  Please allow up to 48 hours for processing.  We look forward to seeing your smile!

Terms and conditions

The use of any photograph submitted through the Central Michigan University Transact eAccount Online Photo Submission software is for your Central ID.  When a photograph is taken for the issuance of a Central ID, the digitized photo will be store electronically for identification and security purposes.  In addition, the photo may be used for approved internal college business purposes (e.g. class and academic rosters).

Online Photo Submission