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Responsible Person and Payroll Expense Report​ Mailing Address

Payroll distribution reports are sent electronically to the Person Responsible on the cost center and the Administrative Contact for the cost center. 

On the basic data tab in SAP for a cost center, the Person Responsible name field must be the person fiscally responsible for the account such as the Director, Dean, Chair (the actual person responsible, not who reconciles the account).  The individual's last name and first initial is entered.

On the address tab, Name 1 field lists the Person Responsible for the account. The employee's personnel number is entered.  Name 2 field can be the name of the person who reconciles the account (Administrative Contact).  The individual's employee number is entered in Name 2 field. These two named individuals will receive the expense distribution report.  The PO Box field is for the building code and room address of the Person ​Responsible, or the departmental office (where appropriate).

(revised 11-16-2016)