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Equipment inventory process and resources

Annual equipment inventory process

Follow these steps to conduct an inventory of university-owned equipment in your department per the CMU Equipment Tagging Policy.

  1. Access your department's equipment inventory. (See additional details about how to run an equipment inventory report.)
  2. Verify each asset. If all the asset’s current information matches the inventory report update the “Last inventory date” field and move on to the next asset.  If the asset is in a new location or any information is not up‐to‐date, update the report and indicate the change by highlighting only the field where the change occurred.
  3. Identify and report all assets that cannot be found. Indicate why you believe the asset was not located and attach supporting documents (e.g. turned into salvage, stolen). These documents should provide support for the notation. If assets were transferred to another department, please specify the department, cost center, and when the transfer occurred. If assets were stolen, please provide a copy of the CMU Police report documenting the theft.
  4. Request asset tags. Please use the CMU Equipment Tagging Policy to determine if an asset needs a tag or not. You can request new tags for new items or duplicate tags for tags that have fallen off or been damaged. Once requests have been submitted, Fixed Assets will issue the tags. Personnel are also available to come to your department and help apply the tags, if you request.
  5. Asset description flexibility. If the description of an asset listed on the department’s inventory report does not describe the asset appropriately, please make your desired change to the description and highlight the change within the report.
  6. Turn in your inventory. Submit your completed inventory via the Annual Equipment Inventory Submission Microsoft form (login required).

It is recommended that you have a policy in place for how your department conducts this yearly process so that it can be referenced in the future. 

Annual equipment inventory resources


All CMU units are given the same due date for the completion of their annual equipment inventory.

Fiscal Year 2024 Inventory request sent dateFiscal Year 2024 Inventory due date
December 4th, 2024February 20th, 2024