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UPS Information

Central Michigan University Mailroom has organized important UPS information for your reference.

UPS packages leave the CMU Mailroom at 2:15 p.m. daily. To ensure that yours are mailed the same day, they should be at the Mailroom an hour before that time. 

UPS web resources

Available UPS services

UPS services are available to members of the CMU community through the Mailroom's online UPS form: 

UPS Ground Service

UPS Ground Service provides dependable delivery to commercial and residential addresses throughout the 48 contiguous states. Delivery time is typically 1 to 5 days depending on the package destination. Packages shipped via standard UPS Ground Service from Mt. Pleasant are delivered the next business day to the following Michigan zip codes: 48801 through 49799, 49820, 27, 36, 38, 53, 68, and 83.

UPS Air Services

Next Day Air provides fast, reliable, guaranteed delivery to every address in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Second Day Air provides an economical choice for priority shipments to all addresses in the 50 states and Puerto Rico with guaranteed on-time delivery.

UPS has changed the rate structure for its air services. The rates for UPS Next Day and Second Day Air now reflect a distance-based approach. This means that if you primarily ship within our region of the country, costs should be less than previous rates. This applies to letters/packages sent via UPS "ON CALL" service or through the Central Michigan Mailroom (it does not apply to UPS letter centers).

The CMU Mailroom can process UPS Air Services OR departments can utilize UPS Campus Ship to process air letters themselves.

Using CMU Mailroom for UPS Air Services

  • Complete an online UPS form and check the appropriate box for the selected service.
  • Attach the form to the letter/package and have it sent to the Central Mailroom by 1:00 PM for it to be sent out that day.

Using Campus Ship for UPS Air Services

  • Set up an account for UPS to obtain 10% off published rates on Next Day and Second Day services by contacting the Central Mailroom at 3298.
  • Envelopes and packaging supplies must be obtained by contacting UPS at (800) 742-5877
  • Packages ready for pickup can be sent to the Central Mailroom for UPS pickup, or call UPS at (800) 742-5877
  • Only Next Day and Second Day services can be utilized with UPS Campus Ship, all ground services must be sent through the Central Mailroom.

NOTE:  All Campus Ship packages must be completed on the UPS Campus Ship website.

CMU UPS Drop locations: 

  • UPS picks up from the Central Mailroom at 2pm daily
  • UPS Store, Stadium Mall

UPS package tracking

Departments requesting a UPS tracer need to provide the following information to the Mailroom in order for us to determine the package ID #: cost center charged; the date the package was shipped; and the name/address of the package destination.
To do your own tracking of UPS packages sent through the Central Mailroom, provide a copy of the online UPS shipping form, along with the original form and the package to be shipped. The Central Mailroom will return your copy with the package ID # which can be used to track the package delivery status online. 

UPS address corrections

Save time and money by providing a complete/correct address for all packages sent via UPS. Include a street name and address number and do not use a PO Box (UPS will not deliver to a PO Box). When an incomplete address is provided, UPS charges $21.00 ($16.60 if sent through the mailroom or campus ship) for each address correction on ground, next-day, and second-day air packages.

Additional UPS services

Available services include: Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), Delivery Confirmation, Saturday delivery, and declared value (insurance). Each package is automatically insured for $100. If you wish to insure a package for more than $100, you can purchase insurance for $4.35 for up to $300 of additional coverage. Additional insurance can be purchased for $1.45 per $100. If additional insurance is requested, include the package contents description on the online UPS shipping form. Use this same form to list any additional services needed. The minimum declared value charge is $2.70.