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Tuition Assistance

Student responsibility

Students sponsored by an employer or third-party agency have certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to have tuition assistance applied to their accounts. 

Each student:

  • must provide a valid authorization from the paying agency prior to the tuition due date
  • must pay any balance not covered by the authorization by the tuition due date.
  • is responsible for providing Student Account Services and University Billing with updated authorization information as per terms established by the authorizing agency

Authorization to bill requirements

Agencies must provide the university with authorization to be billed for a student's charges.

An authorization documents a commitment to pay designated education expenses for a student and as well as approval to be invoiced. An authorization must include:

  • student's full name and CMU student ID number
  • semester or specific date range authorized for payment
  • specific charges covered (tuition, fees, books, living expenses, etc.)
  • minimum/maximum amount or flat rate per credit hour covered, if applicable
  • legal name of the agency and contact information
  • signature and date by an authorized individual
  • high school dual-enrolled students: authorization must include the specific courses approved for payment

Self-serviceVerification of Tuition and Fees

Approved tuition assistance vouchers may be sent by email to 

or by mail to: 

Central Michigan University

Financial Operations
Attn: Tuition Assistance
Smith Hall #103
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

**Include your student number with all mailed correspondence for accuracy and timely processing**

Application of tuition assistance

Upon receipt of a valid authorization, a credit will be placed on the student's account in the amount of the pending payment.  If a balance remains, the student should pay immediately to avoid account holds.

‚ÄčThe credit is not indicative of an actual payment from the agency.  It is a placeholder to prevent fees and holds while an invoice is prepared and until payment is received. A detailed invoice will be sent to the agency after each semester's drop/add period. 

Payment is due from the third party agency within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. 

ImportantIf payment is not received from the agency, any credit will be reversed from the student's account and the student will be responsible for payment. The student will be notified by email if credit is reversed after the add/drop period. Late fee(s) and/or account holds may apply.

Third-Party agency resources


Requests for aid must be made on the  AmeriCorps website

‚ÄčDepartment of Military and Veterans Affairs

DANTES (Distance Learning Programs for Extended Learning Students)

ROTC - Army Reserve Officer Training Corps

Department of Military Affairs

Children of Veterans Tuition Grant

VA Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31)

Forever GI Bill

State of Michigan

MET - Michigan Education Trust
You may also contact the MET office directly at (800)-638-4543.

Workforce Investment Act - Adult / Dislocated Worker Program