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CMU Business and Travel Expense Training

​​​​​​CMU Business and Travel Expense Training is for anyone that travels, has business-related expenses or works with business-related expenses.  All CMU Business Credit Cardholders are required to watch the online Business Expense Training prior to receiving the card.  We encourage all additional personnel who will either use or reconcile the Business Credit Card account to also complete the training.

To attend the online Business and Travel Expense training, please read the agreement below and follow the instructions:


The CMU Business and Travel Expense Training session is an audio and PowerPoint presentation that lasts approximately 45 minutes. You will need to either download or print the following documents for the training session:

Please review all three documents completely after the training session. The Travel and Business Expenses website includes links to the meal allowance page, the official mileage chart, the Business Expense Manual and a forms page where you can download the Business Card Reconciliation Form. It would be advantageous to bookmark this page for future reference.

By clicking “I Agree” at the bottom of this page. you are acknowledging that you will watch and listen to the training session in its entirety. Once you click “I agree”, the session will begin automatically. If you have applied for a CMU Business Credit Card, you will not be allowed to pick up your credit card until Payroll and Travel Services receives an e-mail confirmation from you that you have attended the training. Instructions for submitting this email will follow the training session.

Click “I Agree” below to start the audio training session. After the session is complete, close the PowerPoint and continue to the “Post-Attendance Agreement”:​
I Agree

CMU Business and Travel Expense Post-Attendance Agreement

Now that you have completed the CMU Business and Travel Expense Training, by entering your name and global ID and clicking the Agreement checkbox on the bottom of this page, you are confirming that you completed the training in its entirety. 

Notification will be e-mailed to Travel Services that you are now qualified to take possession of your CMU Business Credit Card when it arrives. It takes 7 to 10 business days after you have completed and submitted the Application/Agreement form for the credit card to arrive in Payroll and Travel Services. You will be contacted by e-mail when the credit card is available for pickup. If you attended the training as a non-cardholder who assists a cardholder and/or completes documentation for a cardholder, or you just wanted to learn more about business and travel expenses, this training will be added to the list of qualifications in your payroll file.

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