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Meet the Creatives

As part of University Communications, Media Graphix is an award-winning, student-run agency offering graphic design and photography services to the campus community.  Students gain hands-on experience working on and overseeing projects for clients across the university. 

Graphic Designers

Victoria Knieper — Student Designer, Junior (2025)
I’m a graphic designer from Clarkston, Michigan and I have always been interested in creating art for a living. Finding a way to put my art skills to use has sparked my passion for graphic design and allowed my skills in communication, collaboration, and various Adobe programs to grow. Through schoolwork and my work at Media Graphix I’ve been able to really hone my design process and learn that I love the illustration parts of being a designer. Aside from art and design, I love longboarding, playing video games with friends, and reading.

Veronica Lessing — Student Designer, Sophomore (2026)
Hi! I'm Veronica! I'm a graphic designer from West Bloomfield, Michigan, currently in pursuit of a BFA in Graphic Design here at CMU. Prior to working at Media Graphix, I did freelance design as well as as design for my high school theatre department. 

In my free time, I love to listen to music and hang out with my buddies. I am also a vinyl collector as well as a cat lover. 

Helena Schneider — Student Designer, Junior (2025)
Hi, I am a BFA Animation major from Oxford, MI. Art has been a passion for most of my life, but coming here to Central undoubtedly helped my skills grow. Since I have started here at CMU, I have learned how to work within a team, how to integrate design elements in any art I create, and each day I learn more and more about the programs in the Adobe Suite. Working with different departments on campus has been a fantastic opportunity at Media Graphix, and I love working with the team here. 

Other than class projects, I enjoy creating screenplays for future animations. Since art is my passion, I don't have many hobbies outside of it other than taking care of my houseplants, hanging out with friends from class, and exercising.