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Meet the Creatives

As part of University Communications, Media Graphix is a student-run agency offering graphic design and photography services to the campus community.  Students gain hands-on experience working on and overseeing projects for clients across the university. 

Graphic Designers

Eric Estes — Student Designer, Senior (2023)
My name is Eric Estes and I’m a graphic designer from Redford, Michigan. I’ve always had a passion for symbolism and non-verbal communication, which is what ignited my passion for design work. Talking to clients and finding a way to translate their ideas, dreams, feelings, and ambitions into art with function is my passion.

In my free time, I like organizing games of Dungeons & Dragons, working on printmaking projects, and spending time with my family.

Toni Mires — Student Designer, Senior (2023)
Going from country to suburb living, dental hygiene to graphic design major, and pop fan to metal head, I’ve been down many routes! My decision to pursue a degree in graphic design was based on my interest in typographic layout and visual communication. Working at Media Graphix has given me so many opportunities that have built my design skills and confidence! I am excited to take these skills and this new found confidence with me when I enter the workforce.

Outside of design, I love to brighten everybody’s day and take people by surprise with my humor, personal interests, and stories. However, I always take my responsibilities as a designer seriously and strive for perfection in my work.

Victoria Knieper — Student Designer, Sophomore (2025)
I’m a graphic designer from Clarkston, Michigan and I have always been interested in creating art for a living. Finding a way to put my art skills to use has sparked my passion for graphic design and allowed my skills in communication, collaboration, and various Adobe programs to grow. Through schoolwork and my work at Media Graphix I’ve been able to really hone my design process and learn that I love the illustration parts of being a designer. Aside from art and design, I love longboarding, playing video games with friends, and reading.