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Outdoor Wayfinding

Please Note:

Effective immediately, Printing Services will now handle the designing and printing of outdoor and indoor wayfinding signage. While you can still place your wayfinding orders through our website, all communication and design requirements will be directly coordinated with Printing Services. We believe that this change will result in a smoother and more efficient process, ensuring that your wayfinding signage needs are met promptly and with the highest level of quality. Please continue to use the Request Form below to order your wayfinding signage at this time. 

Rest assured that our team will continue to collaborate closely with Printing Services to ensure a seamless transition and address any questions or concerns you might have. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at or 989-774-2570. Or Printing Services at or 989-774-3216.

One of CMU's greatest assets is the beauty of our campus. In our building design, landscaping, and groundskeeping, we work to keep CMU looking its best. Guidelines for campus signs are intended to help ensure that we promote consistency and quality of appearance.​ Please read the following information for insert options, pricing, and ordering.

Two-part ordering process

  1. Hardware: Email University Events at,, or call at, 989-774-3355 to order your sign hardware. University Events will work with you for cost; dependent on setup, duration, and any labor associated with your request.
  2. Inserts: Complete the online Wayfinding order form.


Inserts are printed on photo satin paper sufficient for one-time (possibly more) use. Consider a matte vinyl insert if you expect to use the inserts multiple times.


The Wayfinding arrows are printed directly on the insert. (Removable arrows are no longer offered)

Filler signs

Two inserts are needed for each sign for front and back Wayfinding. A filler sign must be used when no informational back is supplied.

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CMU Wayfinding Insert Option Examples