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Multi-Factor Authentication at CMU

Multi-factor authentication (commonly abbreviated to "MFA") describes a login process that requires a second factor in addition to your password. In most cases, that second factor is a text message you receive or an app installed on your phone. In fact, even if you're not familiar with the term, MFA is common enough today that you're probably using it without even thinking about it. MFA is offered (or even required) for most online banking accounts, and it's available on every popular social media platform.

For security purposes, all Global ID accounts at CMU are required to use multi-factor authentication when logging into most online services.  

Simple to Enroll in and Use

Enrollment in MFA is easy. After you log in to one of CMU's online services, you should see a Duo Security screen that invites you to enroll. You can continue with enrollment or defer until a later time. If you choose to enroll, just make sure you have Duo Mobile* installed on your smart phone, and provide your phone number when asked.

*Note: Be sure you have Duo Mobile installed (logo above), not Google Duo. These are very different apps. (Yes, we also wish these commonly used apps did not have such similar names.)

Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Push

More information

Still have questions? Check our our frequently answered questions page for more details about using MFA at CMU.