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CMU's Patent Profile

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    Asymmetric aeolian vibration damper
    1/29/19, US10193319B2, Oumar Rafiou Barry, Emadeddin Tanbour, Nitish Kumar Vaja, Hesham Tanbour

    Methods for biomass torrefaction with carbon dioxide capture
    1/1/19, US10167428B2, Yousef Haseli

    Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Trehalose Analogs
    5/3/18, US20180119196A1, Benjamin Swarts, Peter Woodruff

    Minimally-invasive and activity-dependent control of excitable cells
    2/15/18, US20180044397A1, Christopher Moore, Ute Hochgeschwender, Diane Lipscombe

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