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Community Care

Dr. Emma Powell, a faculty member in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, received the 2021 Chamber of Commerce Rising Star Community Impact Award! This award honors an individual who goes above and beyond to support and better their community. Dr. Powell shares “It was quite a surprise and an honor to be recognized for my work in the community.”  

Before becoming a professor, Dr. Powell worked in the nonprofit sector for 15 years for organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It was during her time as Executive Director at Susan G. Komen, that Dr. Powell recognized the need to pursue a Ph.D. and strengthen her understanding of nonprofits. Driven by her passion to help others, Dr. Powell became a professor. Her real-world experience coupled with her goal for preparing students for careers in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Powell was the perfect addition to CMU’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration.   

Dr. Powell was recognized by the Chamber of Commerce for her involvement Emma Powell with others behind a CMU flagboth on and off campus. On-campus, Dr. Powell guides students through the Public and Nonprofit Administration major and presents them with opportunities to engage and interact with the community. She also encourages students to earn their Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential (CNP), a credential that gives students valuable experience aimed to benefit them in the nonprofit sector. Dr. Powell is responsible for introducing the CNP to CMU in 2015. However, to earn their CNP, students are required to participate in an academic Registered Student Organization (RSO) that centers around nonprofits; the department didn’t have a qualifying RSO at the time. To solve this problem, Dr. Powell created the Nonprofit Leadership Student Alliance, an RSO that teaches students the necessary leadership and management skills to be successful in the nonprofit sector.  
Outside of the classroom, Dr. Powell is involved in many local nonprofit organizations, such as the Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation, The Care Store, and Angel Wings Foundation. For Dr. Powell, prioritizing her time is everything, “People have time, talent, and treasure to give. Time is the one resource we can never get back… I try to be very focused on where I put my time.” Dr. Powell thanks CMU and the greater Mount Pleasant community for allowing her the space to do what she loves.

At CMU We Do Research, We Do Real World

Story by ORGS intern Hailey Nelson

April 2022