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Successfully Slipping By

A man standing next to a wall while wearing a suit with a woman spray painting his pants.CMU faculty created an interdisciplinary film which was recently accepted into the International Fine Arts Film Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. The short film titled, “Slipping By” creatively combines video, dance, music, costuming, and stage design. This piece was created by CMU faculty members Eric Limarenko, Heather Trommer-Beardslee, Jay Batzner, Ann Dasen, Paul Collins, and featured CMU dance students performing with community members from Mt. Pleasant. “Slipping By” combines each faculty’s strong suits in a creative and cohesive way: directing, choreographing, composing the music, costuming and makeup, and designing/dressing the set. The basic inspiration for the film was how people’s memories still occupy a space once they pass away or move out. “Slipping By” shows a series of couples dance through different time periods. This is achieved through specific design choices (set dressing and costuming). Beyond collaborating with the community, the faculty sought to broaden the reach of “Slipping By” by submitting it to film festivals. The faculty members are proud to announce that it was recently accepted into the International Fine Arts Film Festival. Dr. Jay Batzner and his team agree that the success of “Slipping By” results from their trust in one another.

At CMU We Do Creative, We Do Real World

Story by ORGS intern Hailey Nelson

December 2020