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International Intelligence

Emily Dimet, a recent Master of Science Administration graduate with a concentration in International Administration, received a multitude of national awards supporting her overseas studies of India. These awards consist of the first Boren Fellowship awarded to a CMU student, a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, and a Critical Language Scholarship. Her overseas studies consist of the languages and cultures of India, with a focus on the Punjabi and Hindi languages.  

Dimet began learning about India after visiting in 2015 for yoga instructor training. From this experience her fascination with the language and cultures of India have expanded. She has been studying the Punjabi language for two years, and has a goal of working in international education, focusing on Northern India.  

Studying abroad has given Dimet opportunities to deepen her knowledge and passion for India and its culture. She attributes her enhanced cultural awareness and improved communication skills to her international experiences, making her more adaptable and flexible. According to Dimet, the best part of studying abroad is “finding opportunities to engage with and immerse myself into the local community.” In the past, she’s done this through martial arts or dance classes.  

Dimet hopes to utilize her experiences by assisting with study abroad programs similar to the ones she participated in with an organization such as the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

At CMU We Do Research, We Do Real World

Story by ORGS intern Ellie Heron

March 2022