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Participation Requirements

Earning financial aid

Financial aid is "earned" for each day that a student participates (attends class, posts in an online course discussion, etc.) in each enrolled course. Students who receive non-passing grades (Z, E, I, or W) at Central Michigan University may be required to prove participation to maintain their financial aid eligibility.

Proof of participation

Since Z, E, I, and W grades do not confirm participation, students who receive these grades are required to prove last date of participation. Proof of participation may include, but is not limited to, statements from professors detailing your participation in courses and/or graded work that shows the date it was submitted.

Loss of eligibility

If no proof is provided by the deadline established by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, eligibility for federal financial aid will be revised. Where appropriate, the funds will then be returned to federal student aid programs, and the student will have a bill at Central Michigan University.