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Participation Requirements

Earning financial aid

To begin earning financial aid, you must begin participation. Early active participation in your course(s) is important for academic success as well as for financial aid eligibility purposes. Participation is defined as active engagement in the instructional activity related to the course of study.

Examples of participation:

  1. Attending a lecture where interaction between the instructor and students can occur.
  2. Handing in homework.
  3. Taking a quiz.
  4. Posting information/comments on the course platform.

Simply logging into the course online platform without engagement is not active participation.

If you do not begin participation in your course(s) by the 2nd Friday of the term/module that your course falls into (this date will differ depending on your course start date), you will be administratively dropped from that course and your financial aid will be re-evaluated which may have an impact on your eligibility. This process follows federal regulations for the purpose of establishing financial aid eligibility.

If a student is not administratively dropped but was found to receive a non-passing grade (Z, E, or I) with no proof of participation, financial aid eligibility will be impacted.

Financial aid is "earned" for each day that a student participates (attends class, posts in an online course discussion, etc.) in each enrolled course. Such participation must be documented and available if requested.

Loss of eligibility

Students who do not begin participation in their course(s) will have eligibility for federal financial aid reviewed and revised. Where appropriate, the funds will then be returned to federal student aid programs, and the student will have a bill at Central Michigan University.