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What to Expect When You Contact SAPA

During our times of operation, SAPA provides free and confidential advocacy and support services to those who have been impacted by the issues we serve. We are committed to providing quality, culturally-relevant services for survivors, friends, and family within CMU’s campus and the broader community.

    SAPA provides a variety of forms of communication to meet the needs of our campus and community. We offer 24/7 support and crisis services via our phone line, chat services, and in person advocacy services.

    SAPA Services

    All SAPA members are trained advocates who can talk with you about your situation, your safety, and your options. SAPAs can help family members, friends, and colleagues with concerns. They are also available if you just need someone to listen. 

    If you have concerns about your safety, advocates can help you develop a safety plan. 

    Advocates can help direct you to the appropriate campus and local resources for further information about your rights. They may also be able to accompany you as a support person to these resources. 

    Advocates are available to help with common concerns including: safety, health, family and children services, housing, legal issues, medical issues, and more. 

    Advocates  can help you find the kinds of services you or someone you care about need:

    • Support Groups for survivors
    • Individual Counseling
    • CMU Options
    • Emergency Shelter
    • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
    • Legal Options