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Spirit Marks

Spirit marks are only permitted under specific circumstances and must be approved and created by University Communications campus partner, Media Graphix, before implementation.

Do not attempt to develop a unique mark or any other mark. Developing your own unique unit mark causes confusion for those interacting with the university and undermines our visual identity overall.

Creating your own mark is strictly prohibited. All pre-existing custom marks must be retired.


Spirit marks are used to represent the following areas:

  • Academic societies
  • Camps and conferences
  • Campus initiatives
  • CMU signature events
  • Donor/membership groups
  • Grant-funded projects

If your unit does not meet the above criteria, please refer to CMU lockups.

Let's create together

Brilliant design takes time, so we share the love with our budding Media Graphix designers. If you need services that fall outside of our major initiatives, MGX is ready to impress you.

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Approved spirit mark examples

Sibs and Kids Weekend Spirit Mark example,
Pulse 3 Spirit Mark, the words