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Sindik, Amy

Associate Professor



Amy Sindik is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Coordinator at Central Michigan University, where she teaches the Media Law, Media Entrepreneurship and management courses.  Her primary research areas include the regulation of media industries, antitrust issues, and lobbying activities of the broadcast and wireless industries, with a specific focus on spectrum allocation. Her research has been published in top media law, telecommunications and media management journals and she has made numerous presentations and national and international conferences.

Selected Scholarships

Sindik, A. (2022). Big Tech & Tying Arrangements: Are antitrust revisions needed? Paper presented to the Law and Policy Division at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC), Detroit. *Top Faculty Paper, 3rd place. 

Sindik, A. (2021) Administrative law and the Federal Communications Commission, Communication Law and Policy, 26:3, 312-335, DOI: 10.1080/10811680.2021.1937004.

Sindik, A. (2020). Sources of high school student First Amendment knowledge, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator. DOI:

Sindik, A. & Polinsky, H. (2020). Federal Communications Commission Reverse Incentive Spectrum Auction: Outcomes and Impact on the Broadcast Industry, Journal of Media Business Studies, DOI:

Sindik, A., & Graybeal, G. (2017).  Media Entrepreneurship Programs: Emerging Isomorphic Patterns. International Journal on Media Management 19(1).

Graybeal, G. & Sindik, A. (2016). Exploring an emerging media entrepreneurship ecosystem: Case study of the Triangle’s ties between industry and academy. Newspaper Research Journal, 37(4).

Sindik, A. (2015).  Attempting to reduce uncertainty: Lobbying in a competitive communications environment.  Journal of Media Business Studies, 12(2), 121-137.

Sindik, A. (2014).  Standing out in the crowd: How unique are the lobbying patterns of the broadcast and wireless industries?  Telecommunications Policy, 38, 1024-1034. 

More about Amy Sindik

Ph.D: 2012: University of Georgia
MA: 2007, Arizona State University
BA: 2003, University of Washington
  • Regulation of media industries
  • First Amendment education
  • Broadcast & Telecommunications lobby strategies
IBR Member

Courses Taught

  • Electronic Media Law
  • Media Entrepreneurship
  • Media Management
  • Media Measurement
  • Media Writing