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Whitledge, Bryan



Bryan has worked in archives and special collections libraries in various capacities since 2006. Like many archivists, he stumbled into the field and found it to be the perfect fit. Bryan’s primary goal is connecting people with information that enriches their lives and helps them achieve their goals. He relishes discovering new information, finding the "unfindable," and solving provenance puzzles. In addition to archives and special collections library experience and education, Bryan is a trained secondary-level social studies educator. 

Bryan holds an MLS with a Special Collections Certificate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MA in political science from Central Michigan University. His MA thesis, An Atmosphere of Confusion: The Relationship between State Universities and the Legislature in Michigan, 1990-2016, explores legislative interventions into the operations of higher education institutions in the state of Michigan with specific consideration of the Constitution of the State of Michigan’s provisions for state universities.