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Professor, Marketing


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    • Best JSR Article 2013 Award
    • Featured as a "must read for 2013"by Marketing Science Institute academic trustees. 
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  • Tarasi, Crina, Ruth Bolton, Michael Hutt and Beth Walker (2011), "Balancing Risk and Return in a Customer Portfolio", Journal of Marketing, 75 (May), Lead article, 1-17.
    • Winner of theMaynard Award 2011. Maynard award recognizes the Journal of Marketingarticle that makes the most significant contribution to marketing theory and thought within the calendar year. 
  • Tarasi, Crina, Ruth Bolton, Michael Hutt and Beth Walker (2011), "Balancing Risk and Return in a Customer Portfolio: A Reply", Journal of Marketing, 75 (May), 23-26. Invited commentary.
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    • PhD, Arizona State University
    • MBA, Central Michigan Universit
    • BS, Transilvania University of BraČ™ov